Surf – support and adherence

Surf with its synchronized recline offers you maximum support and smooth movements. Surf Synkron follows the body’s natural movement both whilst sitting forward and reclining. Surf is also available with a Freefloat mechanism which means that both the seat and the back can move independently of one another, whilst both being separately lockable. This enables you the lock the back while the seat continues to follow your movements and vice versa.

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Seat DxW: 47×49
Back WxH: 42×47
Armrests: Option
Neckrest: No


Seat DxW: 47×49
Back WxH: 42×57
Armrests: Option
Neckrest: Option


By offering full support both in a relaxed reclined position and an active forward leaning position Surf Freefloat is a chair of high ergonomic quality. All the settings are easily adjusted while seated, an important aspect in order to stimulate the users to integrate with their chair. The backrest can be adjusted independently of the seat angle and therefore make sure that the back more easily can maintain its natural s-shape in different postures. The seat depth can give shorter individuals a good posture. You can also achieve a more open hip in a reclined position, something that facilitates breathing and circulation. The chair can be even more personalized by choosing from a range of additional options and adjustment options.

The synchronized mechanism always follows the body’s movements in different postures. The user doesn’t need to adjust the back or seat as the chair does that automatically.