Size – designed for a varied posture

Size is equipped with a freefloat recline function that enables you to lock both the back and seat independently of one another and by doing so vary your posture.

Mer om Size



Height: 45 – 68

Seat: 47 x 49

Backrest: 42 x 39


Height: 45 – 68

Seat: 47 x 49

Backrest: 42 x 47


Size is an ergonomically well-designed office chair with a wide selection of options for varied and flexible sitting. All the chair’s settings are easily adjusted while seated, an important aspect in order to stimulate the users to integrate with their chair and further adapt it for the body’s shifting needs. The backrest can be adjusted independently of the seat angle and therefore make sure that the back more easily can maintain its natural s-shape in different postures.


The Freefloat mechanism enables you to find positions that are precisely suited to you and the way you work and then lock the chair in that position.