Sign Original

Sign Original – unique ease

Sign Original probably has the most comfortable recline on the market. As the only chair with a synchronized mechanism with double springs Sign Original offers the most comfortable settings for the recline resistance, which results in a softer movement and wider weight adjustment interval.

Mer om Sign Original


The stated lumbar support in combination with the narrow design of the backrest gives good back support while leaving the shoulders free to move. With its synchronized mechanism (with double springs) Sign calls for a recline resistance of the highest ergonomic quality and encourages varied sitting. Sign is also equipped with a function to separately tilt the seat forward. These are all advantages that should be observed in order to meet the demands of an active IT workspace. All the settings are easily adjusted while seated, an important aspect in order to stimulate the users to integrate with their chair.

The synchronized mechanism always follows the body’s movement in different postures. The user doesn’t need to adjust the back or seat as the chair does that automatically. You can also achieve a more open hip in a reclined position, something that facilitates breathing and circulation.