Mesh – ventilation and change

Mesh with its synchronized mechanism offers maximum support by following the body’s natural movements when both sitting forward and reclining. This results in maximum support of lumbar and thoracic spine while also giving the possibility of reclining and opening up the pelvic angle.

Mer om Mesh


The synchronized and lockable recline function always follow the body’s movements in different postures. The user doesn’t need to adjust the back or seat as the chair does that automatically. Mesh comes with an adjustable recline resistance that’s easily operated by a crank. Turn the crank forwards to increase the resistance for more stable sitting. Turn the crank backwards to decrease the resistance for softer sitting with a lighter recline function. Just pull the crank out sideways to release it.

The backrest is upholstered in a mesh fabric that, apart from offering comfortable support and ventilation, also presents a very special lumbar support. A mesh fabric conforms to the body and maintains the support as the posture changes. This is a huge ergonomic advantage.