Lei – groundbreaking and breathtaking

In collaboration with Monica Förster we created an office chair specifically designed for women, a product that’s been tailored to meet the ergonomic demands of female posture. Lei brings together innovative technology and breath taking design in a revolutionary way.

Mer om Lei


A well-functioning ergonomic chair design for women is something we’ve been missing in our workspaces for a long time. Finally it’s here, Lei. With its patented technological solutions such as LumbarFlex and a unique design Lei is tailored to adhere to the highest ergonomic demands put on female sitting. LumbarFlex is developed to give a unique and active lumbar support that seamlessly follows the user’s movements forwards and backwards without loosing contact with the back. The recline function is another example of the technical innovation that is Lei. The resistance of the recline function is automatically adjusted to the body weight. The recline function can also be adjusted to different intervals and the forward tilt of the seat is automatic.


Monica Förster
meet the woman behind the chair

– I wanted Lei’s form to be dictated by its functions, measurements and technical solutions, all of which are grounded in extensive ergonomic research focusing on what women need from an office chair, and how they sit differently than men. I’m quite proud of the fact that by helping to prevent some of the more common problems associated with sitting for extended periods of time, Lei promotes a healthier work environment for both women and men.

Monica Förster is one of Sweden’s most internationally renowned designers. Now based in Stockholm, Monica Förster grew up in the northernmost part of Sweden, close the Arctic Circle. The influence of that spare landscape, with its pure, resilient forms, remains a powerful influence in her work. Endlessly fascinated with technology and new materials, Förster is known as an innovator in the both furniture and industrial design categories.