Ergo Sun

Ergo Sun – classic design meets modern technology

Ergo Sun was the first product that came as a result from the merger of Officeline and Höganäsmöbler. The combination of Sten Engdal’s classic design and the modern technology Officeline had to offer turned out to be very successful.

Mer om Ergo Sun


Ergo Sun is a well thought out choice when it comes to office chairs, especially if it’s for a sitting and standing desk. The chair’s Freefloat mechanism stimulates the user to an active motion between sitting and standing. Seat height, back position and seat position are all adjusted without having to think about how the controls are constructed or placed, a major ergonomic advantage. The height of the backrest is adjusted without any levers or buttons for example. The Freefloat mechanism enables you to lock the back and seat independently of one another, which encourages a varied posture. The well-designed seat that maintains a seated position in full balance is also something that should be pointed out. The seat can be tilted forwards which further helps to maintain an upright back position and an ergonomically correct posture.