Höganäs ECO

Höganäs ECO – variation in the modern office

The chair Höganäs ECO is specifically designed to cater to all the requirements of a user working at a height adjustable workstation. The advanced mechanism, incorporating three balance shafts, enables Höganäs ECO to offer the maximum number of possibilities for varied posture and a chair that always is in synchronisation with the body.

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Sitthöjd: 41 – 56

Sits: 46 x 40

Rygg: 40 x 49


Sitthöjd: 41 – 56

Sits: 46 x 40

Rygg: 40 x 55


Sitthöjd: 41 – 56

Sits: 50 x 44

Rygg: 47 x 55


Compared to a traditional chair ECO has specific ergonomic qualities. The chair combines all the ergonomic makings of the Höganäs+ collection with the addition of a built-in balance function. ECO is one of a kind because of the genius ergonomic solution to integrate a balance function to the Höganäs chair.

The proper way to sit in the chair is with an upright back and in balance by increasing to seating height individually and by utilizing the unique balance function. Just as the rest of the chairs in the Höganäs family good ergonomics is dependent of change and variation in posture.