Höganäs +301

Höganäs +301
Individually modifiable comfort

The +301 is the chair that combines flexibility and simplicity without cutting corners when it comes to ergonomics and comfort. The Höganäs +301 is a flexible and comfortable chair with an adjustable backrest.

More About Höganäs +301


This collection has since its launch offered products of absolute top quality. This is applicable to ergonomic functionality, design as well as the range of additional options. Officeline has, while continuing to develop the product mechanism to the highest level, kept the original high quality of the collection. Prominent features include the ability to maintain a great back support no matter of posture. This is possible due to the synchronized mechanism in combination with a separate mobility of seat and backrest. Depending on the user’s request there are a surprisingly vast range of possible additions that can be made to the chair. For example neck rest, different back rests, seats, different armrests and castors for all floor types are available as additional options.