For us quality means so much more than just good and sustainable products. That our chairs should maintain the highest possible quality is something that goes without saying, and that is why most of our chairs comes with a 10 year warranty and our gas cylinders with life-time warranty. We believe that in order to leave you as a customer as satisfied as possible the rest of our operation needs to adhere to the same quality standards as our chairs. To get your chairs delivered on time and on location is just as important when it comes to give you as customer the highest possible quality.

During Officeline’s more than 30 years long history the number of complaints have been negligible. This is something we consider proof of the high quality of our products. With complaints reaching less than one per mille a year we dare to say that in a chair from Officeline you don’t have to worry.

Apart from our own quality standards we also fulfil the EU’s and FMV’s demands on functionality, design, quality and environment, something that is needed of us as FMV’s agreed supplier. We also meet the quality demands according to EN-1335. In addition Möbelfakta has approved several of our products according to the criteria for environment, quality and social responsibility.